You will need to get into the account view for the MT4 you would like to remove from your Hugo's Way account.

  1. Click "My Accounts"
  2. Click "View" on the account to be removed

Next you will be in the MT4 account view and here you can begin the removal process. 

  1. Click the "Actions" tab
  2. Click the "Remove account" button

You will see a pop up confirming this removal. Please note that this is an irreversible action. You will also not be able to remove negative balance accounts until they have been brought back to a Zero balance.
  1. Click "Yes" on the pop up ( or click "no" to cancel)

You will now be presented with the confirmation of removal and you will need to close the pop up by clicking "Ok" or anywhere on the screen.  Now the MT4 will be completley gone from your list.