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Why were my documents denied?
Proof of ID: must be a driving license, passport, or other government issued ID. It must be a color photo that is current (not expired), and needs to di...
Tue, 10 Sep, 2019 at 8:46 AM
How to login with the new device verification emails?
Please note: To stop this email verification step please enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account. Authenticator App: https://hugosway.freshde...
Fri, 6 Sep, 2019 at 9:48 AM
How to view my known devices and logins?
To view or delete your list of known login device and ip addresses: Login to  Click the settings page  Then click ...
Mon, 19 Aug, 2019 at 5:07 PM
View my support pin
A support agent may ask you for your 6 digit support pin to help assist with your request. To view your support pin simply login to
Thu, 5 Sep, 2019 at 4:17 PM
How can I remove an MT4 account from my Hugo's Way account?
You will need to get into the account view for the MT4 you would like to remove from your Hugo's Way account. Click "My Accounts" ...
Mon, 19 Aug, 2019 at 5:31 PM
Why am I not able to upload my documents?
If you have previously uploaded a document and need to submit a new document, click on the KYC Verification tab and submit new documents. Contact su...
Mon, 19 Aug, 2019 at 5:37 PM
How to change the leverage on my MT4 account?
You will need to Login and go to the My Accounts Tab My Accounts Click View on the account Click the Actions tab Change the leverage Hit S...
Mon, 19 Aug, 2019 at 5:44 PM
How can I resend the account verification email?
Go to the login screen on Click the Verify link Enter your email address Hit Resend Verify Email You can also use ...
Mon, 19 Aug, 2019 at 5:47 PM